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Is it possible to make money from a mobile app with Apple App Store optimization?


The primary purpose of the use of mobile apps is to make the user’s life easier. Aside from that, it is also intended to let users take advantage of their time even when they are mobile, and also to get highest possible efficiency out of mobile device’s limited resources.

In our time, mobile apps appear, as systems that bring income to their owners, along with benefits they provide to users. So then, how can one make some profit off an app? Here are some valuable information and tips on how to make some earnings with an app on Apple App Store.


How to make money with a mobile app?

There are three main routes to follow for earning money from any mobile app: Providing an app that is sold with a price, showing ads on the app store and getting sponsorship for the app to increase visibility. However, before reaching this point, the app needs to be able to be found by users.

According to research by Nielsen and Forrester, user’s access on an app happen through an app market search by a percentage of 63. So, to achieve a good earning, it bears importance to conduct some work known as app store optimization (ASO), so that when searched for, the app would be easy to find.

What is ASO?

App store optimization is a collection of optimization efforts that ensures for apps to be seen, clicked and downloaded by more people, just as in SEO done for the websites. The ASO, which is split to two as on app store (on metadata) and off store (off-metadata), involves an app’s name, description, keywords, icon, device compatibility, language options, publisher, score and download rates.

Google announced in 2015 that traditional SEO would also work on Google Play Store. Then, started to apply their web algorithms also on Play Store. However, things work a bit differently for Apple. Since old-school, not as advanced algorithms are still valid with the Apple store, it is necessary to make ASO-based on keywords rather than on user experience. This means to earn money off Apple App Store; it takes a little less effort.

For keyword oriented ASO, the first step is to pick keywords that very clearly define the app and type these into the field provided by Apple for keywords. Then, app title and description need to be formed using these keywords. This process can be done in many different languages, and since the download rate may increase by a hundred percent in some countries, an advantage may also be gained in off store efforts. Meanwhile, compatibility of the app with iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch can also lead to more views in searches and therefore more downloads.

Making a serious income with mobile apps is possible. To make an income in App Store which allows downloading apps into Apple products, it is first necessary to get ahead of the competing apps. Taking care of a few points like ASO can make things easier for this end. Another one of the most important points for earning an income with your mobile app is having an app that will be liked by the users. If you too want to have a mobile app that will entice mobile users and let you make an income, create your MobiRoller account, and create your app in a short time with a few touches of your fingers.


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