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The metrics to watch for measuring user interaction

Kullanıcı etkileşimini ölçmede bakılması gereken metrikler

Ensuring the maximum user interaction is among leading subjects which companies that want to have a mobile app care a lot about. Regularly following the data on user interaction, and making the necessary improvements in light of this information and therefore raising this communication to the maximum level possible, carries great importance for the brands.

In the broadest sense, user interaction can be defined as the interaction your users have with every field and content featured in your app. So, what are the points to watch for measuring the level of user interaction in the mobile world, which everyone has an opinion on, but very few brands can form an active environment of interaction?

UX performance metrics

Number of daily users

This measurement shows you how many users use your app at least once in a day. Unlike the number of daily launches, this measurement records one entry per users for a single day. With this metric, you can learn about how long does user’s interest last on your app, and for how many days they remain interested in it.

Session time                                            

The session length, which gives you the time users spend in your app after starting it, consists another useful metric for you. With session time, you can find out how interested the users are in your app. However, short session times may not necessarily mean your app is not functional, in fact, in some cases, it may mean that users are getting the service they expect from your app quickly, and therefore can be seen as a positive sign. So, it is of benefit to evaluate the data on session length according to your app’s function and features.

Number of launches per day

With this metric, you can find out how many times a day does your app gets launched. Your app getting downloaded by the users is important of course, but downloaded app getting used regularly would also be beneficial for your promotion and marketing efforts. So, using this metric, it is a good idea to follow how frequently users use your app during the day.

Rate of users keeping the app

This concept can be defined as rate the users who download the app reopen it or return to it. This metric can help you with finding out whether users return to your app, or how often they do that. Also, thanks to this metric, you can learn who are the most loyal to your app among your users. Users form the very foundation of your app, if you have no users, we can say that practically you have no app either.

Tabs that have the most time is spent on

This measurement provides you numerically how much time users spend on what tab of your app. Aside from providing useful info on all the tabs in your app, it can also inform you of the most popular and least used tabs. With this info, you can define the points where your app is lacking, and fix these issues. user interaction

You can benefit from these UX performance metrics to measure the user interaction of your mobile app and make adjustments to make your app more popular in the competitive environment. But if you don’t have a mobile app yet, and want to have one, you can build it in minutes with MobiRoller without the need to have any technical knowledge. Create your MobiRoller account right now, and claim your place in the world of mobile.

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