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Timing in mobile app marketing


With the rates of mobile usage keep on increasing, competition in the mobile app world is also becoming very hot. At this point, it becomes vital to conduct your app’s marketing within a frame that is formed around a correct strategy.

Timing in mobile app marketing is a key element. Therefore, it’s nice to know the days and hours to focus on creating awareness among the users. Days, hours and rates of use can change depending on each app’s targeted audience. Nevertheless, it is possible to reach some general conclusions and plan accordingly. Here are some details to know before you act for the promotion of your app.

Mind the statistics

Mobile apps are becoming more popular every day since they satisfy users needs anytime and anywhere. However, to improve the apps and to do their promotion, knowing what days and hours the users use these apps is highly critical.

Surveys indicate that the mobile users are inclined to download mobile apps, especially during the weekends. Details of the surveys also show that the rate of mobile app usage is low on Mondays and high on Saturdays.

Do not ignore the usage hours

It’s nice to know what days the mobile users use their mobile apps more often. Knowing what hours they are most active is also highly valuable for marketing. Shaping the marketing budget with these hours can lead to more productive marketing efforts.

Statistics show that the mobile users use the apps most intensely after 18:00 on weekdays.  However, it is also known that the apps are being checked between 06:00 and 08:00 in mornings too. This points towards working class’ indication towards using the apps outside of the working hours. When considering weekends, however, especially the noon and evening hours appear to be more productive for marketing the mobile apps.

Millions of apps reside on the mobile app stores, and so you need to intensify marketing efforts for your app to ensure its reach to the users. Knowing the times when the mobile users are most interested has a significant role in turning marketing goals into reality when conducting promotion of your app. Of course, your app’s quality to satisfy the expectations of the mobile users will ensure the continuation of the success. If you also want to catch the spirit of the times and meet the mobile users, you can create your mobile app right away. To create your mobile app in a few minutes without the need of any coding knowledge, create your MobiRoller account, and claim your spot in the mobile world.

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