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How To Overcome The Misconceptions About Mobile Marketing?

Mobil pazarlama hakkındaki 3 yanlış fikir

Almost everybody knows the advantages provided by mobile technologies to the companies. However, despite all the developments and the increase in investments to the mobile sector, still, some people and businesses have mobile marketing misconceptions.

These mistakes that focus on especially mobile industry’s effect and investment costs cause companies to deprive of mobile investments’ comeback.  Moreover, unlike the enterprises that started to form their marketing and advertisement investments on mobile almost in every sector, companies, which refrain from mobile, lose their competitive advantages.

Misconceptions of mobile marketing

As MobiRoller, we compiled misconceptions about mobile marketing.

1. Our customers do not connect to the internet via mobile devices

Many companies and managers fall into a false belief that their customers do not use mobile internet. In a study including companies that do not invest on mobile, the reason for that disposition is indicated as customer’s lack of interest with 56% rate.

However, according to the studies, there are approximately 2 billion smartphone users in the world. 80% of these are also mobile internet users. It is expected for smartphone user number to reach 3 billion by 2016. All these statistics indicate that it is a mistake for companies to think that customers do not show an interest in mobile investments. Also, it is a known fact that especially young users, called Generation Y, are almost addicted to the mobile, and they satisfy their needs including daily ones via mobile devices.

2. Mobile is not essential for our sector

Even though it is widely known that investing in mobile marketing is important for every industry, it can be wrong to think that some sectors are not affected by these kinds of technological developments.

Even though there are company holders who support this idea, we can say that customers do not agree with them because studies show that customers primarily use their mobile devices for searching brands and products or making complaints. Companies standing by their clients in any situation with their mobile apps can be one step ahead in the sector. Therefore, those thinking that mobile is unnecessary in sector blend into the background in rivalry without being aware of the situation.

3. Mobile marketing is a very expensive investment

One of the unreasonable fear for companies who believe the necessity of mobile is its costliness. Due to the lack of technical knowledge, companies, who think that this investment will cost a lot, can understand that this fear is for nothing thanks to MobiRoller.

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