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New trends in mobile app marketing

Stunning developments in the mobile world caused mobile apps to be irreplaceable parts of human life. Rising mobile user number is the evidence of recent trends in mobile marketing.

However, not all the apps in the mobile app stores reach their target audience directly. At this point, marketing tools come to app owner’s aid. Following last dispositions and planning according to the user expectations are critical.

Recent Trends in Mobile App Marketing

Adopting a marketing approach that is suitable with trends may help you to shine among competitors. So which mobile app marketing trends will come to the forefront in the upcoming period?

Better user interface

Another point that should be considered while creating an app is serving a good experience to the user. Significant innovations that will provide convenience to the users are expected in the mobile app interfaces in the oncoming days of 2017.

The more the app is easy to use and quick for the user to reach the content, the more it is preferred by the users. If a user is unsatisfied with an app, s/he quickly tends to use other apps. In the view of the user, it is important for you to provide him/her a different experience that will make her/him prefer you. That’s why user interface can be a significant opportunity for you. Related post: Make Your Own App without coding skills


For your app to shine among the competitors, using the features served by the mobile devices may be more useful than you think. By analyzing your users entirely, you can increase the time they spend on your app easily. For example; personalized push notifications may help you in creating an interaction. Especially dividing your users into segments and developing different interaction styles for each group may contribute to increasing the time they spend on your app.


Deciding on the best strategy that will help you to reach new users and increase the interaction rate may lead you to understand how your app can be the user’s favorite. To reach this point, you need to analyze user’s behaviors in every respect and do a computation.

Latest Mobile App Marketing Trends

You can understand your audience better by creating persona cards for your users. You can reach any data you need by using the app statistic tools.

If you want your app to be successful in 2017, building every strategy on personalizing may help you to reach your aim.  Successful apps are the products that can meet any demand of the users. If you want an app that will be the favorite of the users, create your MobiRoller account and step in the mobile world in a few minutes.

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