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4 practical tips for obtaining users and not losing them

MR-100915-kullanici-kaybetmemek-1-300Users prefer mobile apps for providing conveniences in every facet of our lives in our time when the mobile devices are widespread and intensive use. However, not all of the apps, developed with great expectations, can draw the interest of users.

When we inspect the apps which are most downloaded and have been used for the longest times, we see they are the ones that provide some convenience or advantage to their users in some aspect of their lives. Therefore, it bears huge importance what benefit will your app provide to users if you want the users to download and then keep using your app. So, besides this, what does it take to create successful apps that will draw the user’s attention and keep them using it?

1- Consider customer relations to be important

Users of your app will want to be able to reach you quickly, especially when they experience an issue. If your app does not include any contact information which will allow quick access to you or your customer relations department, this leads to the possibility of losing that user. Users who experience negative experiences and issues on apps may stop using it. To avoid such an undesirable situation, do not neglect to place your contact information in an easily visible action in your app.

Apart from this, it is also of great importance to do what is necessary to please the user who contacts you with an issue, and to solve their problems as soon as possible. Even a single user can be a gateway to many more user that may come to you.

2- Clean your app of unnecessary details

Pureness and simplicity are on top of the most important features of a successful app. Users do not prefer apps that are complicated and are full of unnecessary details. They may leave your app in a heartbeat in such a situation. By defining only the useful information and sections and clearing out the fluff other than them may be to your benefit.

3- Spare resources for advertising your app

You have various promotional options for getting users to be aware of your app. Social media, e-mail marketing, banners, internet forums related to your app’s subject, your web site are some of those. Besides that, if you have a physical store or company, do not neglect to publicize your app there too. You may present attractive offers to get mobile users to download your app and to direct them to your target. For example, if you own a café, hanging a poster saying “download our app, and request your free coffee” on somewhere visible may allow you to earn new users in a quick way.

4- Make use of push notification messages correctly

Thanks to research, surveys, and statistics, it is a known fact that push notification messages strongly affect an app’s rate of use. On this point, what matters is to pay attention to the use of push notification messages in right times and correct ways. You may benefit many articles we have posted on MobiRoller blog about this subject.

You too can increase the popularity of your apps with these tips we have shared here. If you want to have a successful app which is preferred and benefited by the users, we as MobiRoller, offer you the most professional support available. Begin creating your app right away, and have it ready in minutes.

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