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Android App Security Best Practices

Android App Security Best Practices

The internet is getting more and more widespread, and the mobile usage is increasing day by day. The number of the mobile devices that have access to the internet may even be greater than the number of the humans that live in the world. Therefore, the number of the mobile apps is increasing visibly, for sure. Mobile users can reach any information they need via mobile apps easily. While in case of android app security best practices, all these are happening, internet-based security concern remains on the agenda.

Best practices for developing a secure Android application

Thus, providing the protection of personal data is one of the most important reasons for the users in deciding and preferring a mobile app. The perception that the app is not safe may cause user loss. So, what can be done to have a mobile app that is safe for the users?

1) Learn lessons from the common mistakes

Mobile Security comes at the top of the subjects that should be considered in the mobile world. However, there are many apps which ignore the security factor because of the different reasons. It is inevitable for these apps to lose reputation because of the security gap in the long term. At this point, learning from the mistakes will be the best step to take. Also checkout this link: build app without coding free

By looking for the answers to the questions such as what are the points that are ignored about the security subject in the unsuccessful mobile apps, how much budget was allocated for providing security, it is possible to see the mistakes that should be avoided from and improve your mobile app.

2) Make a secure coding

According to a research made by Kindsightreveals in 2013, a malicious code was spread to more than 11.6 million mobile devices, and this number keeps increasing today. This coding problem may cause informatics pirates who are also named as hackers to get a general copy of your mobile app by exploiting its security gap.   Therefore, many popular apps include these kinds of malicious codes which causes danger to the both devices and personal data of the users who are not aware of that fact.

To avoid these kinds of concerning issues, it is a good idea to work with app developer companies which have got a safe infrastructure. For instance; you can keep the information about your app and the mobile users into cloud infrastructure thanks to MobiRoller. With MobiRoller that helps you to have a mobile app without needing any coding knowledge, it is possible to develop apps that will gain the trust of the mobile users.

3) Benefit from user authentication methods

You can use user authentication to protect the mobile apps. Multifactor verification based on the fact that the user who wants to access the member account in the application has at least a third parameter other than the username and password is only one of the methods that can be implemented in this sense. Moreover, it is possible to benefit from the biometric verification methods such as retinal scan or fingerprint.

Your app needs to prove that it is safe in order to have a strong seat in the mobile world and meet the demands of the users.  Thus, avoiding from the precautions that should be taken or from the investments that are necessary will not be a healthy approach for the future of the app. If you want to have a secure mobile app within minutes without coding, you can immediately create your MobiRoller account.

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