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App Store Approval Guide

App Store Approval Guide

In the app store review process, there are some rules to obey to take place in the Apple App Store. However, many apps are rejected by App Store because of the ignored points. Having a place in that important platform, which has billions of downloads, have a critical importance depending on the concept and the target audience of the app. That’s why we prepared you this app store approval guide.

How do you get your app on the app store?

First of all, mobile app owners should be aware of App Store demands and address them to reach their target audience. So what are the points that you should take into consideration for App Store to approve your app?

Test your app against the errors

Apple is closely interested in the user experience. Especially when it comes to mobile apps which will be published in the app store. Therefore, you need to be sure that the features of your app function properly. Testing apps before publishing them will help you in this way. So, you can reduce the possibility of being rejected by App Store.

Be careful about the broken or not working links

Links in the content flow of the mobile app should be functional for the users. The user who tries to reach a point inside your app should reach wherever he or she wants without losing much time. Therefore, you need to be sure that all the links from user support to privacy policy should refer to the correct point.

Create an understandable app description

The lack of both clarity and understandability of the app description may be a big issue. The description should cover the content of the mobile app and its features. This subject which shapes the reputation of your mobile app comes at the top of the points. Therefore, it should be taken into consideration for effective marketing, as well.

It has a great importance for Apple that you don’t showcase your app like it has a different function than existed in reality in app descriptions. In this respect, it may be useful to be careful about the information transferred to the user reflects the app accurately. Must check this out: Hire a mobile app developer and programmers

Provide a secure environment for user information

Today, the privacy of personal data comes at the beginning of the important issues for the internet users. Many mobile apps may ask for permission to use some of the personal information. Before publishing, it is beneficial for you to be aware that there are no loopholes about the permissions in your app. Using user’s account information without his or her permission may be an enough reason for the App Store to reject the mobile apps.

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Pay attention to the user interface

Mobile apps that are submitted for the review (app store approval) before publishing should be suitable with the Apple Human Interface Guidelines. According to these guidelines, the interfaces of the mobile apps should be user-friendly. Therefore, your mobile app needs an interface that reveals the quality of your app and satisfies user demands. Before starting to develop an app for iOS, it may be useful for you to sift through the guidelines of Apple. You can then develop your mobile app’s interface in this direction. 

Be aware of the policies of Apple to avoid your app from being rejected. On the other hand, you can have a mobile app that is suitable to the App Store. We will be preparing an even detailed version of this app store approval guide very soon. Apple frequently updates its terms and conditions to keep its store nice and clean!

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