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How do I publish my mobile app in the Apple App Store

How do I publish my mobile app in the Apple App Store?

There are some steps to take before publishing an app on the Apple App Store, one of the foremost platforms for mobile owners today. Often, the appwriting companies have to tackle small issues later on when they do not follow the publishing procedures, and this can lead to delays in publishing beyond the planned dates.

Submit app to apple store

After applying for publishing an app on the App Store, it is necessary to wait a bit for Apple to approve the app. At the end of this process, Apple may end up for publishing of the apps. Here are some steps that you need to follow.

Keep your app simple at first

It would be easier to get a simple version of your app that does not cause any troubles to be approved by the Apple. Adding some of the features can be a better choice, considering the complications that may arise because of them.

Ensure the features are functioning properly

Apple will most likely reject your app from being published if they encounter an error during the approval process of it. Once you fix the problem and resubmit, Apple may reject the appeal if they meet another error. This can lead to a dragged out approval process with each error . Since this would mean a process even longer than normal, it may be a good idea to first ensure that the errors are found and fixed before the approval process.

Make sure you follow the rules to the tiniest detail

The Apple App Store will make your publishing process significantly easier. While some of the rules may appear meaningless, it is a good idea to know that each of them has a reason behind them and to plan your approach accordingly.

Distribution certificate

To be able to distribute apps on the App Store, you need a distribution certificate and a distributor profile. To this end, you need to register as an iOS developer. Then, you can follow the directives for creating a new certificate for your app under the “distribution” tab. This is the same process as the one you’ve created for your developer certificate.

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Pricing and availability

Apple works with pricing layers; this way you do not need to define a price for every country. You can also define what country you are using. You have the chance to change these fields after the app is released, so you can change the price and regions for the app without updating it.

Publish app to app store

To publish app to app store, some steps are necessary to get your mobile app published on the App Store. Focusing on the Apple criteria during your app’s testing phase may be a good idea in this sense. However, if you do not have a mobile app yet, you can create your own app in minutes with MobiRoller. Create your MobiRoller account now , and claim your stop in the world of mobile without any delay.

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