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Become a Mobile App Reseller – 4 Wise Reasons


The mobile app market has become one of the industries that proliferate. As a result, almost all the companies involve having a mobile app in their plans to reach their target audiences more easily. Mobile app reseller program used to be seen as a part that only large-scale companies should have, however, it is understood that mobile apps are becoming a significant channel for all the companies regardless of their scales.

Tools that are used to create an app which is focused on the user experience and mobile app reseller programs are the most suitable solutions for the little and middle-scale companies to have an app. In this way, they can have a proper mobile app which meets the target audience’s expectations and then they can earn income by selling this app. For more read visit Create An App For Free

Become A Mobile App Reseller

“Mobile App Reselling” is creating an app and making money by selling it directly. For instance; it is possible to have a place in MobiRoller’s reseller program and earn income by selling apps. Within reselling, you can create an unlimited number of apps that are compatible with Android and iOS and then you can sell them.

So, what are the other advantages that MobiRoller Reseller Program provides to you?

1. Mobile is increasingly important for companies

Mobile apps are extremely proper marketing and selling channels for little companies. Moreover, to maximize the user experience, mobile apps are not a choice but a necessity. However, newly-established companies or the businesses in growing process may have a limited budget for developing a mobile app. You can develop apps that are affordable for little-scale companies within MobiRoller reseller program and contribute to mobile transformation.

2. Developing a mobile app in a few minutes is possible

Without any coding knowledge, you can own a mobile app in a short time. Creating a mobile app for your customers with interfaces that are easy to use, ready-to-use templates and a modern substructure may take less time than you think. Then you can relax and think about just the pricing and selling.

Moreover, people and companies, who are mobile app resellers, can carry on their activity under their brand name since MobiRoller name is hidden in MobiRoller Reseller Program. Thanks to the program you can sell mobile apps to your customers under your brand and strengthen your brand’s image.

3. Measurable results and high ROI

Seeing how successful you are at the mobile app reselling is pretty easy. If you can create only five mobile apps in a month as a mobile app reseller, that makes 60 apps in a year. Doing that is not even a hard job for an agency with one salesperson and one graphic designer. You can easily charge a small business a one-time fee of $500 per app. This means that you can generate $30K a year. This means quite a high return on investment. That’s one of the main reasons you should become a mobile app reseller.

Establishing a new job and detecting when wrong or right decisions are made is critical for every business person. When mobile app reselling is considered as a line of work, to maintain your success, you can benefit from any statistical data with gauging feature provided by MobiRoller.

Answers to the questions such as by whom, where and when a mobile app is used are the leading performance indicators in measuring the satisfaction of your users and the success of the app. By following such data, you can follow the trends. Moreover, you can increase your income.

4. Your support is next to you in case a problem with Skype!

When you become a mobile app reseller, if you face a technical problem or any other issues while creating an app for your customers, you can connect to your Reseller Account Manager at MobiRoller. To solve your problems in any subject, you can benefit from MobiRoller knowledge base site. You can also find thousands of useful articles in MobiRoller Blog. Moreover, you can contact your account manager via Skype directly. As an addition to all of these, you can find fast answers to your questions with live support service provided by MobiRoller to the users having Premium Package and you can continue earning from the point you have left.

Who can become a mobile app reseller?

Whoever wishes to be involved in the MobiRoller Reseller Program are welcomed as freelancers or agencies. They can satisfy the mobile app demand of their customers via this program. Mobile app reseller program creates quite a profitable opportunity especially for those who have a customer portfolio. The program can also be a job branch for many people and institutions such as freelance webmasters, graphic designers, web, digital and creative agencies.

In return of the qualified service provided by you as a mobile app reseller, you can create apps that have high-profit margin and launch them to the market. If you want to get involved in the MobiRoller Reseller Program, apply for mobile app reseller program and start earning today. If you want to find out about other ways to make money with mobile apps check out MobiRoller’s Make Money page out!

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