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How To Get More Downloads For Your App With Guerilla Marketing

How To Get More Downloads For Your App With Guerilla Marketing?


You may be making use of traditional advertisement or digital advertisement for promotion of your mobile app to reach more numerous users. There is, however, one more method, and an entirely free one.

Guerilla marketing is an approach that relies on user experience (UX) and allows appealing to users in this sense on many platforms. With some precursory work, you can reach the potential users and inform them of your mobile app.

Here are some tips for these work you will need to do before guerilla marketing.

Analyze your target audience

You may a target audience in mind even during the creation phase of the app. However, at that time, the audience you will be interacting with will consist of potential users you can reach with guerilla marketing.

If you wonder who may be interested in your app, and why should they, answer to this question will be the first thing to master for starting guerilla marketing. Therefore, you can design your campaign according to a correct analysis of your app’s target audience, and the one you can reach with guerilla marketing.

How and where can you reach your target audience?

Taking a closer look at the audience you have defined, is another step you need to take for guerilla marketing. For this, you need to have information such as where do your target audience frequent and what are they interested.

For example, information such as your target audience going to places like cinemas or beach, or spending time on Facebook, will help you to form your method for guerilla marketing.Inspecting their areas of interest can help you to decide in what way will it be easier for you to reach them.

Choose the message you will convey to users and follow their feedback

With the steps above, you have analyzed your target audience for guerilla marketing, and are now informed of their interests. Now what you need to do is to define what message do you want to convey to them. You need to create some content regarding the information you want to communicate about your product, service or campaigns. With this content, you can directly reach the users through the channels you have determined before.

The last step is, to use a measuring mechanism. For this, you can add to every possible guerilla marketing type a link or code that you can see in mobile app traffic analyses, and can, therefore, see from which sources do users reach to your app.

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