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Five income models for monetizing mobile apps

How To Monetize Mobile Apps Through Various Methods?

Mobil uygulama ile para kazanmak isteyenler için 5 farklı gelir modeli

Today, the digital media has already claimed its place among the most important fields of business. Millions of people over the world are making an income, or even getting rich with the companies they set up on digital channels.

Back in the day, websites were seen as gold mines. Today, however, what is a gold mine for many are the mobile apps. You too may start your business with the aid of a mobile app, and start making high amounts of income.

But do you know how you can earn money from a mobile app? Here are five different models for earning an income with mobile apps.

1. The most preferred model: Ads

There are many ways chosen to achieve income from apps. The most popular are advertisement you can feature in the app. You may find one suitable option for you among the ad provider choices where you request fees for either per impression or per clicks.

2. Paid downloading

Another option is offering your app on app stores for sale with a price tag. However, let’s mention that this may not be a very easy task in highly competitive environment. If you want to ask for a price for your app, you need to make sure that you market your app very well and it provides a benefit to its users.

3. In-app purchases

In this method, commonly used in game apps, a rather micro transaction is asked to the user to progress beyond a certain level, so that the user can keep using the app with little expense. While this is often used in games, it may also be used in other kinds of apps too. However, in that case, you need to ensure that additional paid services are impressive enough for users.

4. Membership offers

If you can split the content of your app to different sections, it might be possible to sell each of these sections with different membership prices. Gradually increasing membership models and prices can be used in this kind of apps. For example, silver and gold membership plans can get various services in the app, and as the users upgrade their membership, they may be provided with additional advantages.

5. M-commerce

E-commerce has now become a daily deal. The next step is the M-commerce, or in other words mobile commerce. The increasing habit of buying products through mobile devices, increase the opportunities provided by m-commerce as well.

When the world is inclining towards the mobile and the mobile apps, you too should not fall behind in setting the course of your business towards the mobile. Come and discover what the mobile can provide you with by creating a free MobiRoller account and see the privileges yourself.


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