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Marketing Mobile Apps – 4 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid


marketing mobile appMarketing mobile apps…

Companies that have their own mobile apps make good use of current tech to increase their chances of keeping the customer engagement on. Though, running a proper campaign for marketing mobile apps plays an important role in achieving the absolute success with your mobile app.

Without a doubt, the way to the right marketing campaign goes through knowledge and understanding of the mobile users’ expectations. Otherwise, mistakes made can even lead to loss of users. So then, what are the points to consider here?

Here are the 4 critical mistakes that are often repeated, but should definitely be avoided in marketing mobile apps…

1) Glossing over the development of a marketing strategy

One of the mistakes made most often in marketing mobile apps is neglecting the development of an encompassing marketing strategy. You need an effective and rational strategy both before and after offering your app for the users’ convenience in app stores. 

First thing the companies need to do is to promote their app on their websites, and making them aware of its existence. Here, your website’s mobile-friendliness will certainly be an advantage. Additionally, sharing information about your app on social media can allow you to create awareness about the app among more people.

Finally, it is also highly important to feature select screenshots and app details in your app’s store pages. Most of the mobile users discover the apps on app stores. Therefore, the impression you can create with the visual elements on store pages will have a significant influence on the decision to download the app.

2) Ignoring the needs of your target audience

Each mobile app aims for an audience with certain common traits. So, determining the audience your app targets, and shaping the app’s functions towards the requirements of this audience would be a most logical step to take. This way, it will be more likely for your app to support your marketing efforts and earn the users’ appreciation.

With a focus on the users’ expectations, you can get your app to be much more useful and hence preferable. Surveying for data beforehand to be able to analyze information like the age range, location and interests of your target audience can help you with coming up with marketing strategies.

3) Not listening to the user feedback

Without a doubt, one of the foremost goals of marketing campaigns is to ensure the customers’ satisfaction. Keeping in touch with your users can help you with that. For instance, a user who experienced any kind of issue about the app should be able to contact you directly.

A customer support that continuously works can also help you with building your app’s reputation. Users thus supported can help with the promotion of the app themselves. 

4) Not being mindful of privacy and security issues

Ensuring a solid and dependable codebase for your app is of critical importance for achieving the satisfaction of your users. Also, the care you show for safekeeping of your customers’ privacy will likely result in an increase in your app’s downloads.

Additionally, to earn the users’ faith, it is also important for your app marketing efforts to not involve misleading information. So it is of great benefit to ensure first that your app is suitable for mobile use, that it keeps the users’ information in a secure fashion, and finally that your marketing efforts aren’t tarnishing the users’ trust in the app.

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