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Mobile App Reseller Program Guide

mobile app reseller program Small or large, every enterprise can enjoy an advantage in reaching their target audiences by getting a mobile app. So there is a large (and still growing) market for mobile apps for companies. Entrepreneurs can seize this opportunity without the need for neither huge investments nor technical expertise. Wonder how? Find out in our mobile app reseller program guide…

The world of mobile is growing larger every day. The companies that want to sustain their success need to adapt and prioritize the mobile technologies.

Sometimes though, companies may face difficulties in creating a mobile app due either to a lack of technical expertise or lack of time in their hectic schedules. Mobile app reseller programs appear as an attractive solution here.

In mobile app reseller programs, the resellers create apps for their customers and earn their income through sales of these apps. You too can join mobile app reseller program and sell high-quality apps to corporations, and hence enjoy the benefits of this revenue model.

Here goes our guide to mobile app reseller program we are offering. Hopefully, you will find here the answers to any questions you have regarding becoming a mobile app reseller…

How can mobile app resellers become prominent players in the market?

You may experience difficulties in getting your name known among the intense competition in the mobile ecosystem. Having a specialty that will make you stand out will help you overcome this issue. Meaning, you should have a unique offer to companies that want to have a mobile app so that they will choose you among similar options.

Starting your plans with reviewing the already active resellers in the market will be a wise first step. Analyze the products and procedures of successful resellers, and take note of points where you differ from them. Then, review these points and define your feature that presents the customers with the greatest advantage. This is exactly the feature with which you can move a step ahead of the competition.

Additionally, it is a good idea to design the marketing efforts you may run on venues like social media channels so that they revolve around this difference. This way, your marketing will highlight that which makes you stand out from others.

How should the resellers price their apps?

The most important point to consider when defining the prices of your mobile apps is that they fit in with the budgets of your customers. Considering your customers’ expectations can enable you to come up with a good inference here.

Thinking in a cost-oriented way, we may conclude that the apps with custom features for a customer will be more expensive than one with a more general feature set targeting a wider audience.

On the other hand, you should not overlook the fact that external factors such as demand and competition also influence the app prices. Therefore a comprehensive market research and predictions that forecast the success rates of apps on the market will be to your advantage. This way you may prevent customers from meeting surprises and hence improve their satisfaction.

Which app pricing strategy to choose?

There are many pricing strategies to speak of. Often, during the entry to the market, a promotional strategy is preferred. This strategy aims to offer the lowest price in the market and therefore draw the attention of potential customers. Similarly, competition-focused strategies may also follow the route of offering a lower than average pricing after analyzing the competition.

There is, however, some risk involved with these models which aim for achieving revenue in the short term. The reason for this is, that we can not rightly assume that every consumer will just go for the lowest priced offering on the market. Contrarily, a price that is slightly above the average may, in fact, generate a positive impression and pique the customers’ interest.

Additionally, you may, of course, think of value and cost-based pricing models. Calculating the total cost of an app, and deciding upon a price according to that can be a straightforward solution. Especially if you are offering your customers additional services like a unique and high-quality app, as well as regular maintenance, these strategies can enable you to reap the rewards for your efforts.

Using your design touches on the frameworks provided by the mobile app reseller programs, you may create apps that will satisfy your customers from an economical point of view too.

How to design app’s user interface?

Without a doubt, the user interface design is one of the fundamental elements that shape a mobile app’s character. Among the services you can enjoy as included in the reseller program are many useful design templates. Platforms such as MobiRoller allow you to contact the design team for the creation of custom templates if so desire. Thanks to these options, you may find the design process to be delightfully simple.

Though, if you say “I’ll make my own design, thank you very much”, you can go all in and make your own creative design. Of course, you should consider that there are some points you need to consider for a user experience focused user interface design.

What are the considerations for a design that upholds the user experience?

Generally speaking, a plain and simple design is a good starting point. Apps that offer an easily understood and simple to use experience can start the competition one step ahead. The first step in this direction would be the design of your app logo. An ideal logo should be 1024×1024 pixels in size and use colors that will be easily visible on mobile device screens. You should also be careful in ensuring that the design of your logo is attractive and different enough from those of other app logos.

The first thing users will see when they open your app will be the splash screen. Therefore, the image you will use there will be highly effective in the users’ first impression of the app. Your brand logo or images that reflect the features of your app are some of the reasonable options here.

On the other hand, don’t forget that the app background is also among the elements that define the look and feel of your app. The background image shouldn’t hurt the visibility of text elements in the app. So, it is a good idea to choose a background that will highlight the color of the fonts in the app.

The navigation design is probably the single most influential element in the user experience. You should choose menus that open from top or side, as they improve the user experience. Similarly, it is highly important for users to be able to easily reach the subcategories while navigating through the tabs. As an example, displaying the subcategories in a new menu and putting a back button to easily reach the categories above can be a sound design.

Of course, we can not say that there is only a single precise formula to create a user-centered interface design. So you should regularly update your app according to the user feedback after publishing it.

The demand is there, the tools are here, and the entry is cheap

Today, owning a mobile app is more or less a need for corporations, and very desirable even for individuals. The apps allow for brand visibility and publicity for companies, and a channel of interaction for their customers. But designing, developing, marketing and maintaining an app can be a dauntingly time consuming and technical task for the majority of companies. Therefore, the market for a mobile app reseller program really is there.

MobiRoller offers you the tools you require for creating high-quality apps easily. Therefore, you can satisfy the mobile app needs of these potential customers in a timely fashion. We offer a solid framework to build stable and classy apps with. Thanks to our numerous templates fitting with a diverse range of app types, the design phase of user interfaces can be blazingly fast.

Thanks to a low barrier of entry, MobiRoller can allow you to leverage this large market with minimal investment.

So how to take part in the mobile app reseller program?

Everyone who wants to can join the MobiRoller’s mobile app reseller program, whether they are a person or a corporation. App resellers in MobiRoller can build an unlimited number of apps for Android and iOS operating systems. Moreover, thanks to the “white label” app sales, you can achieve customer satisfaction and revenue without featuring any labels or ads.

The MobiRoller provides you with services like a personal customer representative, free Apple App Store app publishing, training about the platform, and many diverse design templates. Therefore, we can enable you to create high-quality apps with a modern architecture for your customers. If you want to join MobiRoller’s mobile app reseller program, create your reseller account now and start making money!

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