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Promote Your Mobile App on Your Website

promote your mobile app on your websiteToday, the mobile apps are an indispensable tool for brand recognition and user engagement. Whether you have a small business or a large one, you more or less have to get an app for it. However, it is a vast and competitive market. Therefore it takes some effort to promote your app to get it noticed. Your website is one of the most important tools here. Let’s have a look at how can you promote your mobile app on your website…

The brands which have earned a lasting place in the digital world know the importance of communicating their customers on many channels. Most consumers choose companies that they can reach without having to be stuck with a single platform. Also, the usage of mobile technologies is ever-increasing. Activities in just about every facet of our daily lives can now be done over mobile venues in a practical fashion.

In this light, we can say that thinking of the mobile users is more of an obligation than a necessity for companies that want to sustain their success. Thus, by getting an app, companies take a step in the direction of distinction among their competitors.

This does not mean that they should overlook their websites. Especially a mobile-friendly site with a large volume of existing traffic can be a boon for the publicity of your mobile app.

By looking into the expectations of mobile users, you can prevent your brand from falling behind its competitors. So… if you would like to increase your mobile app’s publicity through your website, how should you proceed?

Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly

If your website is not mobile-friendly, it means that you have flunked at addressing the audience you target: the mobile users. Users who visit your site on their mobile devices may not give you another chance if they experience issues there.  It is a good idea to design your website to be mobile-friendly to avoid such situations.

First, you need to redesign your website with mobile device types in mind. You may begin with resizing the text and visual elements so that they will be easily readable on the screens of mobile devices. It may be a good idea here not to use content like Flash, which can not be displayed on some mobile devices.

Of course, you will need to ensure that your page loads quickly in any case. According to a survey by Google, 53 percent of mobile users leave a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. The longer this time extends, the more likely that the visitors will close it.

A mobile-friendly website is an essential step towards communication with mobile users. Having a well performing and mobile-friendly website can go a long way for leaving a positive impression on the mobile users. Users who navigate your site comfortably will be more likely to give your app a go.

Considering all these points if you want to promote your mobile app on your website, having a mobile-friendly website is an obvious starting point.

Make the users aware of your app’s existence

Your mobile-friendly website and your mobile app both await at the ready. But do users know that you have an app? Your site comes in right here to help with its publicity!

There are various ways for promoting your mobile app on your website. Though, when choosing which is the best one for you, remember that insistent advertisements can annoy the users.

For example, you can be sure that everyone will see a pop-up or a splash screen that promotes your app on your site. While this method may appear as it serves your purpose in the short term, it may irritate the users in the long run. For some users, the first thing they see when they visit a site being an ad can cause them just to leave it.

Integrating a button on your site’s menu, which navigates the users to your mobile app can be a good choice. You may choose a striking color that differs from other buttons for it. This way, you can get the users to be aware of your app without irritating them.

Another option may be putting buttons for each of the app stores somewhere frequented by your users on your website. One such option could be at the bottom footers section of the site, near where links to company information and contact page etc are usually places. You may, however, consider the quick visibility of buttons and opt for a more immediately obvious location instead.

Design an intriguing landing page

We can easily say that the mobile apps offer many advantages over the mobile-friendly pages. But it may not be easy to encourage the users towards your app when they are happy enough on your website. The landing page for your app is highly important here. Visitors to your mobile website should be able to see that your mobile app can provide a much-improved user experience, and therefore it is worth downloading.

There are a few points to consider for the design of an effective landing page. First off, it is a good idea to set up the design as plain and uncomplicated as possible. Colors that do not strain the eyes and short, simple sentences with a large font should be your first choices.

Keeping your landing page transparent and understandable is quite important. Users who look at the page should be able to quickly grasp what kind of an app it is about. Showing mobile devices along with the screenshots is a good idea here. This way the users can easily see on which devices can they download the app. Featuring videoes aside from images can also be quite helpful in showing the users how does your app work.

Of course, you should remember to include a call to action for inviting the users to download the app. You can redirect the users to app markets with a “download app” button on your website. Unfortunately, this may not apply to desktop users. You may offer to send the download link in an e-mail or SMS in such cases. This way they can access the link on their mobile devices and download your app easily.

Now you can promote your mobile app on your website!

As you may see, you can publicize your app quite effectively on your website. But you should know that you will need an app with a solid architecture and high quality to convince your desktop users who may not be too keen on giving up on their habits. As MobiRoller, we aim to help you right here with the services we offer.

Of course, to promote your mobile app on your website, you will need to have an app in the first place :)! If you don’t have a mobile app yet, create a MobiRoller account now and start enjoying the benefits of the mobile world.

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