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Mobile Apps vs Mobile Websites: 4 Reasons Why Users Prefer Apps

mobile apps vs mobile websites

The number of mobile users increases rapidly. Corporations that care about the expectations of their target audiences have long been taking advantage of the mobile venues. For those who want to move ahead of the competition, stepping into the mobile world is a requirement now. But what may be the most effective route to take for reaching out to the mobile users? In this article, we will look at the mobile apps vs mobile websites.

Often, companies have difficulty in choosing the most effective venue to reach users between mobile apps vs mobile websites. Some choose websites, thinking of the desktop users as well as consistency. Others foresee that their target audience may have different expectations from each channel, and think that the apps are more advantageous than mobile websites.

Here you will read about 4 reasons why mobile apps are more useful than mobile websites…

1) Push notifications

One of the most important advantages of mobile apps vs mobile websites may be the ability to send notifications. Notifications are among the fastest and the most practical ways to reach the users and achieve high rates of user engagement. Though, we would like to remind that the content and timing of the notifications should be diversified.

You may make use of notifications to encourage the users to use the app again by sending them during the times when the app is not in active use. They may serve the purposes of alerts, reminders, and announcements. Notifications inside the app, on the other hand, are used to accompany the users when they are using the app. Notifications in this category can be used to offer suggestions or information according to the user’s actions in the app at that time.

2) Offline usability

You may think that one of the foremost needs of mobile users is a good internet access. The mobile websites work when an access to the internet is available. However, we can easily say that the mobile apps with their ability to run offline move the bar a notch higher.

Of course, the offline usability of mobile apps varies depending on the category and functions of the app. While many apps can function fine offline, others may only offer a selection of their functionalities when the user is not online. Thanks to this ability, the user can enjoy a much more entertaining travelling experience without needing an internet connection, for example, in a plane.

3) Customizable settings

Each mobile user’s preferences vary according to their tastes and needs. Therefore, it may not be possible to design a single mobile site that will suit everyone’s tastes. Mobile apps, on the other hand, can be built with many customizable features that the users can adjust to their hearts’ content. This enables owners of the apps to offer a more privileged experience to their target audience.

You can make certain features of your app customizable too, and create a reason to be preferred by the users. Additionally, based on behaviors of your users, you may present them with content that fit their interests. Also, you can show local time and location-based content using the users’ geographical location data, and so provide an even more personalized user experience.

4) High performance

Mobile websites may lengthen the loading times of their pages due to their use of remote servers as data sources. Mobile apps, on the other hand, stores the data they have downloaded in the device’s local storage. Therefore the apps can load much quicker than the websites, hence improving the user experience.

Mobile apps vs mobile websites: Apps are advantageous

As we can see, the apps have distinctive advantages in the comparison here. Mobile friendly websites can be a relatively low-cost entry to the mobile world. They can be developed once and work on all mobile operating systems. But their limitations may make them unfeasible for certain categories of apps. Also, the advantages apps can provide in performance, functionality and customization ensure a much better user experience.

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