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Promote your app in nine creative ways

promote your app

The highly exciting process that begins from conception of mobile app idea to its publishing does not end at the point of presenting the app to users. It becomes necessary to spend additional efforts on getting the app heard of by the masses. Promotional activities, thought of as costly and tiresome by many app developers, are the backbone of an app’s success.

Mobile apps don’t necessarily promise much to users for them to download the app as they just stand there in the app market. At that point, it becomes necessary for apps to stand out from their competition. Sometimes even traditional promotion methods may not prove to be enough to prevent your app to get lost among millions of others in app markets.

So what unique methods exist to get your app noticed? Here are nine creative ways to promote your app.

1) Share download links

Sharing a download link at any point users may need ensures both being visible and making user’s lives easier. Recognition of the app may be improved by featuring links to downloading the app on app’s website, social networks and even banners.

2) Use the power of video content

Most people know how important it is to use visual materials to keep the level of interest high. Surveys show that especially the moving visuals hold for a longer period in memory. You can create awareness and convey the app’s story, its functions and benefits in video contents on many venues from app market to app’s website, YouTube channel, and other social networks.

3) Offer the app to reviewing sites

Opinions on user experience your app provides being featured on popular reviewing sites with a certain mass of followers can lead to increased traffic for both your website and your app. Also, by reaching with this way to thousands, maybe millions following these venues, you can accomplish a free advertisement for the app.

4) Pay attention to SEO

Searches for mobile apps don’t happen only on app markets. Users can reach the apps they fit their interests via search engines too. Therefore, doing keyword optimization on redirects leading to the app is highly beneficial. This way, even users who weren’t thinking of downloading the app may develop an awareness of the app and may decide to try it.

5) Request for opinions

You may ask opinions from people on your app, especially from influential figures on social networks. Since the views of such people will also be shared on these social networks, their followers will see these, and it may create a community eager to try the mobile app out.

6) Create an engaging landing page

Landing pages can be used as a useful tool in getting users to use the mobile app. Landing pages, which can be considered as business cards of mobile apps, can be used to promote the app effortlessly by including little bits of information on the app, visible social media share buttons, and a powerful call to action for leading to downloads.

7) Make use of your e-mail signature

Think about how many people you contact via e-mail during the day. Most likely, there are moments where you communicate with people whom you have never met face to face. With a few little additions to signature part of the e-mail, it becomes possible to inform these people of the app, and possibly even to get them to download it.

8) Feed on the social networks

Now everyone from celebrities to companies, and even municipalities are on social media. Why would a mobile app not have its social media account?

Social media is a very suitable venue for solving user’s issues, having an exchange of views, reaching potential customers with free or very low-cost ads. However, using a professional language and being solution oriented when communicating users on social media has a significant role in the promotion of the app.

9) Promote your app with the support of guerilla advertising

Guerilla ads, which are still unknown to many, are the most memorable ways of promotion for the brands. Placing a QR code on a wall on the street, sticking a paper on the bus stop, walking down the street with a pair of glasses sporting brand’s logo and many other such ways of guerilla marketing can be highly memorable for promoting the app and are also free.

Promotional activities can be highly effective in standing out among millions of other mobile apps. However, to reach more users, it is also important for the app to have features that the users will become fond of. MobiRoller provides a proven infrastructure that can provide just about everything that can be expected of a mobile app. If you too want to have a prestigious mobile app, you can create your MobiRoller account right away.

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