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How To Get Your App One Step Ahead Of Competition

How To Get Your App One Step Ahead Of Competition?

Mobil uygulamanızın rakiplerden bir adım önde olmasını sağlayacak püf noktaları

We can see that internet use is increasing during the last few years. Together with this statistics of USP strategy, use of mobile apps is also on an ever increasing rise. This situation of mobile app market creates a competitive environment for the companies. To secure a lasting place in the mobile world, it is a good idea for enterprises to focus first on the points where they make a difference.

How to stay competitive in business?

First off, with a USP (unique sales proposition), you can set yourself apart from your competitors. But how to define a sales proposition, how to make your mobile app different?

First create your USP strategy

Determine in what ways is the mobile app you are releasing appear unique and what makes it differ from its competitors. Can it work very fast?Is it great regarding user experience? Is the functionality better than all others? Does it feature an attractive design? After finding features like these which will set you apart from your competition you can create a slogan that will highlight that feature of the app, and you may even shape your logo by that.

Pay attention to promotion

Once you make sure that your app will reach your target audience, it is time to use promotional methods. You may do your promotional work on the web, as well as support it on traditional channels such as TV and magazines. Making use of more venues will help you with reaching more people.

Support it with push notification messages

After publishing your app, you can benefit from the power of notifications. You can make people realize the points where your app differs from the others. It’s not always easy for all users to recognize your unique points in a scene that is getting more competitive every day.  Therefore, you may want to remind your app’s unique features via notifications from time to time.

Polish the point that create your difference

It is a good idea to improve the USPs that make your app unique periodically. Because, after a while, your competitors may also decide to put some effort on these points, and cause your unique feature to expire. Therefore, it is highly beneficial to check on your competitors’ states every so often and to renew your unique feature in accordance.

As the world of mobile apps gets more populated and active, it’s important for you to show your app’s difference, so that it reaches your target audience quickly. But you should not forget that when you draw other app’s attention too with your unique proposition, they will be waiting around the corners to improve upon it and use it. Therefore, you should make improvements in your app to keep your USP strategy up to date, and you should achieve this with taking advantage of your users’ feedbacks.

Your strategy of USP plays a great role in differentiating your mobile app. But it is also important for your app to have all the features to satisfy the users’ expectations. If you don’t have a mobile app yet, create your MobiRoller account right away, and take your place in the mobile world without delay.


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