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Tips to avoid losing mobile users

How to increase mobile app retention? For your mobile app to increase its user number, it shouldn’t lose the current users, because reaching out more people makes it easy for the mobile app to be more popular.

Mobile App Retention Strategies

Long-term users of your app may both give valuable feedbacks for you to develop your app and form a basis for viral marketing. However, to ensure the permanence of your users, your mobile app needs to provide convenience for them. Here, some advice for you not to lose your mobile users.


Form a basis for interaction

To gain the fidelity of your mobile users, firstly, you need to have a user-friendly design in your app so that you can increase the interaction rate. Moreover, push notifications are also helpful to keep the interaction rate at the high level.

Enhance the user experience

Mobile phone users prefer mobile apps because they make their life easier. Therefore, while trying to make your app functional, you also need to focus on providing ease of use. As an addition to this, if you provide an extremely clear using guide for the users that will use the app for the first time, it will help you not to lose the beginner users.

Do not make the steps harder

To improve the user experience, you may need some personal information of the mobile users that want to use your app. However, it will be for the benefit of you not to take much time by acquiring this information. Therefore, it may be easy for you to only request the most important ones such as name, surname, and location at first steps. Then you can ask for permission from the user to get more information about him/her.

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Encourage the users

In order to both interact and make the users spend more time on the app, you need some moves to encourage them. For instance; you can provide free and temporary access to the paid features on the decided days or you can provide discount coupons.

Mobile users may make the decision whether to use the app or not after 2 minutes they downloaded it on their mobile phones. To control mobile app retention rate, you need to move fast and immediately show that your app worth to use. If you still do not have your own mobile app, create your MobiRoller account as soon as possible and meet with your mobile users. яндекс