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Why do users abandon your mobile app?

Ensuring the users to continue to use the mobile apps is as important as developing the function and design characteristic of the app. This article is talked about mobile app abandonment. If your app is downloaded on a phone, it does not mean that it will be used permanently.

Reasons Why People Abandon Your App

In the mobile app world in which the competition escalates from day to day, the duration that mobile apps remain in the mobile phones becomes shorter. So, which points that you should focus on to prevent your users from abandoning your app?

Target audience

Apps which do not change is not a preference reason for mobile users. Therefore, it is not easy to persuade one to use a different mobile app rather than another one. However, if you appeal to the right audience and you become different functionally it will be easy for you to attract the mobile users. If your mobile app has not got a high usage rate, you better be sure that you correctly determined the environment of your target audience.

User interface

According to a research result, 42% of users abandon the mobile app because they do not like the interface of it. Thus, in order to impress the users, your app should enable them to spend less time on a work that they want to do on the app. Also, you need to form a base that enables them to finish this work in a few easy steps. It is possible if the user interface is suitable with the ease of use.

Security and privacy

It is very important to protect the privacy of your users for the reputation of your mobile app. Therefore, you need to show the users that you are a reliable app. So, when your app needs access to any data, you need to ask permission of your mobile users. Without any permission, you should not reach any personal information.

Launch Time

Launch time plays a great role in the first impression of the user. If the launch time takes minutes, the user may not be satisfied with the performance of the app and may abandon the app easily. Moreover, if the mobile app freezes or closes itself suddenly may cause a reason to abandon it.

Push notifications

In some circumstances, the frequency of the push notifications may disturb mobile users. Even though it is possible to block push notifications from app settings, it is useful to optimize the fluency of sending push notifications since it may cause falling into disrepute.

Language alternatives

Bringing an app into use in more than one country in only one language may cause the users that do not know the language abandon the app. To prevent from this, bringing your app into use in a language which is used commonly may be a solution. However, adding language alternatives of the each market that you enter may be helpful to impress users. Custom Symfony Development Services

As an addition to mobile app abandonment, improving the app by analyzing how much time your users spend on the app and what kind of works they do at which pages will help you to hold your users. However, if you do not have a mobile app yet, you can make your own mobile app in a few minutes with MobiRoller. Create your own MobiRoller account now and take place in the mobile world. Custom Symfony Development Services Custom Symfony Development Services