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What are the considerations when choosing a name for a mobile app?

In a world where the number of mobile apps is increasing day by day, developing a unique mobile app is slowly becoming a daydream. Therefore, for users to choose your app, its appearance on app store searches carry great importance.

There are two essential tools in your hand for drawing the attention of users who did not know about your app beforehand: Your app’s icon and its name. To create an impression of your app’s quality and trustworthiness, and for what purpose the people can use it for, it is necessary to choose an icon that is fitting with app’s content and purpose, and also a name that can draw people to the app. Here are some points to consider when choosing a name for mobile apps.

It needs to reflect the app’s purpose

If the name you choose fits with app’s purpose for use, chances for people who seek an app for such purpose finding it via store search may be higher. Also, it might be ideal if the name gives indications regarding the app’s function.  Therefore it is beneficial to choose a name that includes category name in it and define app’s function in a transparent fashion.

It needs to be original

It may be difficult to find a name that is unique compared to other apps which provide similar services. Still, your app having a unique name may aid with it becoming distinct from its competition. To achieve this, you may try to form abbreviations/compound words where you use parts of multiple words joined that the user can complete in their minds and therefore understand the purpose of the app, or you may try to use the name together with an adjective. Of course, if you aim high, you may set the effort to reflect the purpose aside and choose a unique name instead.

It needs to be brief

It is another important point for your mobile app’s name to have a length not longer than 20 characters. Names that are too long tend to give a nonprofessional impression. It is also highly probably that even if you name it longer, the users will just use first two words of it at most when talking about your app. You may consider keeping your app’s name short and sweet to more efficiently benefit from user recommendations.

It needs to be readable

Using special characters in your app’s name, scrambling words into an invalid form, or compounding multiple words in a way that creates ambiguity can all make it difficult for a user who wants to access or recommend your app. Therefore it may be wise to choose a name that is simple and easy to pronounce.

It needs to be easy to remember

Users may have loved your app, but if they can’t remember its name, they may not download and use it. It is a good idea to have a name that is easy to remember to increase user loyalty and rate of new users coming to your app. You may consider a not too long name that does not contain foreign words for this. Using words that rhyme together, you may even create a name that is both easy to remember and appealing.

It needs to be suitable for social media, and as a domain name

When you find the name you believe to be appropriate for your mobile app, it then bears great importance for your app’s web address where you will promote it with also carry the app’s name in it. For this reason, you need to ensure the name you chose for the app is also suitable to use in social media accounts and website domain names. This way, you can make user’s access easier to these channels where they will keep communicating with you.

The name you give it has a great role for your mobile app to find use among large audiences. However, it is also important for it has a perfect set of tools that meet the mobile user’s expectations. If you too want to have your mobile app, create your MobiRoller account right away, and meet your mobile users.

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