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Google's recommendations on increasing customer loyalty and high rates of turnover

Google’s recommendations on increasing customer loyalty and high rates of turnover

The worth of mobile apps in just about every sector has proven itself today. Companies are taking their places in the mobile world with haste, to create a difference in highly competitive conditions. Considering that internet usage is a trend towards mobile devices from the desktop, it bears great importance for companies to have a mobile app.

In the world of mobile apps where the competition is getting ever tougher, you may want to see from the eyes of Google the points which would create customer loyalty, high turnover rates and a high downloading rate for your app. Here are the important points to consider while designing a mobile app, according to Google.

In-app search feature

The principal feature an app for users is the user experience. We may say, one of the most important features of a useful app is providing the convenience of in-app search. A search feature which lets users find what they are looking for may add a lot to your app. For example, instead of a search button, a search bar which will always remain on screen might provide a more efficient use.

Registration feature

A system where the users can register to may be used in mobile app designs as an important way to enrich customer relations and speed up the chances of change for later periods. However, it’s nice to take care that registration process is not one that is complex and involving enough to take the user’s times. Quick registration with social media accounts may be highly useful in this way.

 User-friendly registration forms

Registration forms need to be compatible with information the users will enter into them. Forms that request similar information many times over may not be preferred by the user as it would take their times. Also, keeping the mobile device screen sizes, and avoiding visual elements like large keyboards which would reduce the user’s vision may be useful practices.

Being able to take the right decisions during design process

Decisions made during an app’s design process, have a direct effect on user experience. Taking user’s expectations into consideration while adopting these decisions may be a right approach. Of course, a good visually appealing design is also important, however, as good as the app may look, if it does not provide ease of use, it should be presumed that app will have a short life expectancy on mobile devices of users.

The mobile apps, which are setting the course for the internet’s future, are directly influential on subjects such as rates of turnover and marketing. These actions, which according to Google are good to consider for mobile app owners to reach more people, can get you easily to your goals. If you want to design your mobile app too, you can create it easily with MobiRoller. Create your MobiRoller account without losing time and enjoy reaching the masses over your mobile app in a few minutes.


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