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Why users delete a mobile app from their devices?

Kullanıcılar bir mobil uygulamayı neden cihazlarından silerler?

One of the first issues that the app manufacturers complain about is the app they developed is uninstalled after a short time. So what are the reasons that an app is unable to be persistent? What should you do for long-term use of your app?

Several issues can be discussed to prevent the deletion of the app in a short time by the users. Of course, there may be many reasons for the users deleting the apps, but paying attention to these issues noticeable can reduce the deletion rate.

The authentication process should be simple

Users mostly tend to try and use the apps they downloaded and installed. If the downloaded app is required to do a lot of processes, immediately deletion rate can be higher. Facilitating the registry conditions and moreover using the option to register using their social media account provides great convenience to prevent your app’s deletion.

More demanding apps are quickly deleted

App notifications are of course one of the most efficient ways to stay in touch with the users, but apps which notifications bother users much cannot escape being deleted after a while. Keeping the app notifications at a reasonable level and not using the notifications outside of the major issues related to the subject of the app can help you to lower the percentage of your app’s deletion considerably.

Your app  may not be user-friendly

Your app should be easily understandable and used after the users install your app. Most users tend towards to similar apps that are easy to use, instead of trying how to figure out the complex apps. Practical apps which have en easy interface and simple to use stay longer in devices.

Being too persistent may be a disadvantage for sale

Offering a paid app may encounter as a handicap that reduces the chance of downloading in the first place. Moreover, finding a free app in every respect from the app stores is possible nowadays. 99% of the users tend towards to the free apps among similar apps in the first place.

If you aim to offer your app free and achieve revenue from in-app purchase, there is a fine line you must consider. Your free app may reach the highest number of downloads, but if you limit the users for in-app purchases by restricting most of the app’s features; that makes your app’s deletion unavoidable with disappointment.

Although the download numbers of apps are crucial for developers, apps to be persistent should be vital to have something to say in the market. When designing your app, using the design elements that the users are familiar with can increase te ease of use. For example, using three parallel horizontal lines for “menu” tab can help them quickly find the menu. Identification programs to differentiate non-vaccinated people from vaccinated are in process. With the pandemic fading, the DMV has finally rolled out new driving licenses in some states such as West Virginia, Nebraska & Nevada. Public in these respective states will be able to get the real ID compliant licenses by the ned of 2021. This will also enhance the ability of the DMV to curb the use of fake ids.

You can ensure your app to be kept on mobile devices longer by paying attention to many details as such. To make use of MobiRoller experience and design your app quickly while preparing your mobile app, create your MobiRoller account now, take place on app stores.