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5 tips to increase your app's user count

5 tips to increase your app’s user count


Yes, you have published a mobile app and are proud of your design. You have tested it too, and are sure that it works great. Now, the promotion you will do will directly influence how many people will your app reach.

You can benefit from some tips we have investigated for raising up your app’s number of downloads.

Social sharing

There is nothing more efficient than the “rumor mill” for marketing, so getting users to talk about your app is very important. You can start by preparing content about your app which can be shared by users on their social media accounts. You can increase these sharing actions by putting special offers and group advantages into the app too.

Creating events

Advertise your app with the aid of an event. This event may be an opening party, or a game, fair or similar activities that may be held in a large building or an outdoor area. People’s rate of relaying the events they have directly taken part in is higher than other types of promotion. For example, a zoo has been able to get the attention of many people by organizing a game for promoting their mobile app where users are “treasure hunting” using QR Codes.

Using social media networks

While your website is a lasting venue, social media messages travel around the internet very quickly. It is important for your app’s name to be pronounced on social networks now and then. Do not neglect to share a post once every month, or when you have made an update to your app.


Provide a significant section on your website for your mobile app. You can increase the downloading rates of your app by visuals and positive user comments in this section. With the help of video content, you will create, you can describe the positive aspects of your app in detail.

Using campaigns

Try to offer your users gifts or other advantages they can earn exclusively from within the app. By creating promotional material exclusive to users who download your app, like postcards, wallpapers, or game currency that can be used in game apps, you may increase your download count significantly.

After creating your mobile app, you too can make it favored in the mobile world by utilizing these tips we have shared. MobiRoller, as your greatest aid in all this process, is ready to provide you all kinds of technical support. Come and create your free MobiRoller account to see what the mobile can offer you, and to discover its distinction yourself.

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