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Ways to advertise your mobile app without spending money

Mobil uygulamanızı para harcamadan tanıtmanın yolları

To increase your brand’s recognition by making a mobile app, or to create demand for the apps you have created for your customers, you need to market them in a proper way. However, you may not always be able to spare the budget necessary for the promotion of the apps you have prepared. In such cases, it may be helpful to make some strategical plans for executing a successful marketing with a lower budget.

However small the budget may be, it still possible for app developers to advertise for their mobile apps on stores. We as MobiRoller team, have compiled tips for promoting your app without any need for spending.

Social media connection

Enabling apps to integrate with social media is an efficient way for promotion. Especially the apps which are supported with services that would be shared on social media, and can lead into inviting other users, may rise up easily on stores. Offering a reward for sharing on social media too can be a strategy which would encourage the user and increase their engagement.

Pricing strategies

We shouldn’t forget that often the most attention-grabbing marketing strategy for product promotion is done via the pricing. Setting a price for your app does not necessarily mean that it will stay in the store with that price forever. But, special care needs to be taken about this subject.

Adjusting the discount periods and rates you set according to potential customers might be a right marketing policy. Instead of starting a sales period simultaneously with all the other similar apps, running your promotional campaign in a fashion that will create awareness in users may be more beneficial in this sense. Also, it should not be forgotten that high rates of the discount may raise suspicion for users and therefore the rate of discount itself is a strategic decision.

Creating an app that makes a difference

To ensure your app to be known by many, creating it in a way to be different from similar apps. There are hundreds of thousand apps on app stores that perform the same function as one another. Using products in the stores with similar functionalities to your app and to analyze how to make yours different is beneficial in this sense. This way, you can fix in your app the deficiencies where the other apps lack features that a user may need, and so provide a product that is differentiated from the others.

Finding channels that may be interested in your app

One of the most important factors in the marketing of a product is for it to be able to appeal to potential users. You can find the channels followed by the user base your app will be appealing for, and to advertise your app in these venues may be helpful. By following the comments and discussions on these platforms, you can create potential by right statements at the right times.

You can highlight your app easily on the mobile app stores with a problem free app you will create in light of these tips. All you need for this is included in MobiRoller. Start creating your app for free right now with MobiRoller and claim your place in the mobile world without delay.

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