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Get Downloads for Your App: 3 Reasons Why Users Won’t Get an App

get downloads for your appMobile technologies have been increasing rapidly in recent years. The number of apps featured in app stores is increasing in parallel. The number of apps is in millions. However, the amount of time a user spends in deciding to download is mere minutes. Therefore, it becomes more important every day for you if you own mobile apps to distinguish them from the competition so that you can get downloads for your app.

Aside from their design and development, the way you address the target audience, and market the app also plays an essential role in the success of your app. A mobile app where these processes weren’t managed productively may end up getting forgotten. But what are the challenges to overcome for ensuring more downloads for a successful app?

Here are three important reasons behind the mobile users choice of not to download an app, or in other words,

How to not get downloads for your app in 3 steps

1) Ineffective marketing

One of the principal reasons for your app to have a low number of downloads is that the users don’t know about its existence. Therefore it becomes quite clear that you should put effort into an effective enough marketing campaign before offering the app for the users’ convenience. To this end, it is of benefit for you to take the necessary actions, so that the users will meet your app both on social media channels and search results.

First, ensure that you are managing the promotion process of your app efficiently. Advertising and publicity efforts on social media accounts and blogs can be quite helpful here. The next steps would be the search engine optimization (SEO), and the mobile app store optimization (ASO) which is mandatory for ensuring discovery of your app in the stores.

Mobile users mostly discover the apps through searching in the app stores. Due to this, the words included in your app’s title can directly influence the rank of your app in search results. Arranging the description and visual elements such as the screenshots in a fashion so they will appeal to the target audience will be influential in allowing you to get downloads for your app.

2) Badly planned prices

Before offering your app for downloading in the app stores, you need to come up with pricing policy. You may choose one of the monetization methods that fit your userbase. For example, free apps that have purchasable features inside tends to be preferred more than those with a high purchasing price. Because this way the users can first try the app for free and be more willing to pay for features if they like what they see.

So it can be a good approach to provide features for sale inside the app rather than forcing the users to spend for an app that they can’t experience beforehand. This way the expense becomes optional, and user satisfaction may improve.

3) Insufficient functionality

Without a doubt, the first motivation for a user to download an app would be app having the functions that the user needs. Considering this, focusing your app in solving one or more problems for the users may lead to more downloads for it. Defining the purpose of your app will be an advantage for you towards meeting the expectations of your target audience.

However, you will need to stand out among many similar apps serving the same purpose. Following the user reviews and desires to come up with additional functions can carry your app past your competition. If you too want to have your app which will meet the users’ expectations and get downloaded many times, create your MobiRoller account now and claim your spot in the mobile world.

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