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Mobile App Trends in 2018: 4 Important Trends for This Year

Mobile app trends in 2018The mobile devices have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. In parallel, the number of apps in mobile stores keep on rising too.  Naturally, so does the competition. Therefore, it is very important for app owners to follow the trends to remain relevant. So it is quite beneficial to keep up with mobile app trends in 2018. This way your app can stay up to date on the ever-diversifying expectations and behaviors of the users.

2017 has been an interesting year in the mobile ecosystem for both owners and users of mobile apps. It is expected for the mobile to continue its rise in 2018 too. Here, especially some trends will be quite prominent. So, what will be some of the important mobile app trends in 2018?

1) Lazy loading

Many mobile users chose to forsake the app rather than persevere when the loading times in apps get long. Lazy loading is a technique that can help prevent this issue which can negatively impact the success of an app. This method can decrease the waiting time for the user when the app is opening. So, it can help with creating a better user experience.

This method loads the visual elements as they are about to be displayed, instead of loading them all at the same time. This way, the app’s pages can load much faster. This, in turn, enables you to create high-performance apps that run much faster. 

2) On-Demand approach

Apps that provide on-demand services are becoming quite popular. These apps can make the lives of people much easier, especially for those with hectic daily schedules. People who have difficulties in keeping up with their daily chores can choose these apps for reaching out to cleaning services, ordering food, or call a cab.

Demand-oriented apps also allow for the option to pay for services such as house chores through them in an easy and secure fashion. It looks like these apps, which enable the mobile users to find services regardless of where they are, will be used more commonly in 2018.

3) Cloud technologies

It is a good idea to make use of the cloud technologies to both allow the apps to run on multiple platforms and save space in the devices’ internal storages. This technology allows the users to use the app on multiple devices without losing neither time nor data. Moreover, since device storage won’t get filled with local files, device performance will not be impacted negatively.

Another feature that comes with cloud-based apps is that, since the data is stored in the cloud instead of the device itself, loss of data can be prevented. So even when the device is damaged or lost, the users can access their information by accessing the app on another device.

4) High security

Mobil apps are in every corner of our lives nowadays. This means even the personal information is stored on the web. Therefore it is easy to see that information security is becoming a more critical issue every day. 

It is imperative for mobile apps to ensure the information security for achieving a sustainable success. So it becomes quite apparent that the people and corporations who own mobile apps need to ensure their apps are built on a dependable and high-quality framework.

Integrated security features are expected to become a focus in mobile apps in 2018. Therefore, it will be possible to create apps that both more secure and less storage consuming. This will lead to a considerably better user experience. If you want to have an app which ensures the information security for the users and fit in with the mobile app trends in 2018, create your MobiRoller account now and take the first step to leave your mark on the year with your app.

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