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Feedback On Mobile Apps

Feedback On Mobile Apps: How To Get The Most Out Of Your App?

Mobil uygulamanızla ilgili geri bildirim almanızı sağlayacak 4 yöntem

Thanks to their smartphones and tablets, internet users these days, can easily connect to the web anywhere and anytime they like. Thanks to the apps, which are developed for many different purposes, mobile technologies have claimed a prominent place in every field of their user’s lives.

Such intensive use of the mobile apps, in turn, has opened new doors for corporations to improve their advertisements, sales and customer relations. Though, it isn’t easy to reach such goals without developing an app which is popular, successful, and able to impress the users.

It is highly important for an app to be successful, to first provide an excellent app experience to its users, which will touch their lives and meet their expectations. At this point, the best and most certain way to understand whether your app does or does not respond to these criteria is to receive feedback from your users. Feedbacks can also be very effective at getting other users to pick your app.

1- You can add a rating section to your app

You can follow the thoughts, critics, and suggestions of users on your app on the rating and comments sections of app markets. Aside from this, however, it may also be quite useful to add commenting and rating sections inside your app where the users can instantly act on.

2- You can send push notification messages

Support for push notification messages, which you may make use of for a multitude of purposes, may also be utilized for receiving feedback from your users. You may openly ask them to rate your app so that you can provide a better service. Sending them a thanking discount or a little gift for helping you to improve the app this way, can also increase the success of this approach.

3- You may make of different channels

Your app is not the only way to receive feedback from the users. You may reach the users of your app and receive their request their comments and suggestions via multiple other ways like social media, websites, and e-mails.

4- You may create a survey

With the approaches we have described above, you will be able to receive a general feedback from your users on your app. However, your goal may also be to have a more precise evaluation about your app. To achieve this, you can create a survey consisting of obvious questions, and you may propagate the review via push notification messages, e-mails, social media venues and your app itself. While conducting such survey work, you may want to ensure that your questions are not long and boring, or indeed, if possible, prepare mini reviews that consist of a single question each. When you do this in set periods, you may end up with a large data source to improve your app.

Aside from all that, you may also evaluate the user profile, user behaviors, and how the app impresses the users, thanks to reports and analytics regarding the app.

When you create your app with MobiRoller, you can access these reports regularly and improve your app quickly.

Don’t lose any more time before having a successful app which will impress your users; you too can create your app in minutes thanks to technical support and advantages provided by MobiRoller.



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