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guide to app ownership

Guide to app ownership: Keep it alive after publishing!

It is nice that you are up with the times, and already have some apps up and running on the stores. But just putting them out in the wild won’t cut it. To ensure continued success, you need to keep the app active, and well promoted. How do you nurture your mobile apps to success? Well, let us see that in our guide to app ownership.

Success: a destination, or a road in and of itself?

As with many things, success in mobile apps too isn’t something you achieve and then keep forever. Staying up takes about as much effort as getting there. Content gets old, trends change, users come and go. To keep them coming, and to keep them from leaving, your app needs constant attention.

Not only that, but the world of mobile apps is a very competitive one. While you enjoy your app’s success, perhaps sipping some expensive cocktails from glasses with little umbrellas, your rivals won’t be just wallowing in failure. They will watch what you are doing well, and they imitate and improve on it. Well, so should you. Whether they are above or below you on the stairs of popularity, follow what your competitors are doing. Take notes, identify oppportunities, stay relevant.

guide to app ownership keeping the users happy
Keep your users happy, and always be out to get more users. This takes several things to achieve like knowing your audience, knowing your app’s performance, keeping app frequently updated and refreshed with new content. We’ll look at these and more in this guide to app ownership.

Ok, now that we have established that it is necessary to keep working towards success, let us now take a look at how…

Knowledge is power: Survey and analyze all the time

It’s all well and good that we know we need to act. But before we also need to know what to act on, and how to do it. This is where following user feedback, and analytics data is important. Through these, you will get the hints where you do well, and where you need to improve. What to double down on, and what to discard. Reading mobile app analytics and other sources of information will prove invaluable in steering your efforts.

Aside from the analytics and statistics though, you should keep a keen eye on direct user feedback too. There are many places to come across it:

  • Reviews left on app stores
  • Your social media profiles
  • Direct messages on your support channels
  • Surveys you may want to run to collect feedback

The feedback from your users is the pulse, the heartbeat. They show their preferences, and desires, as well as potential issues you will need to fix. Of course, it is always easier to air out displeasure than happiness. So do expect to see a few discouraging things there. You just need to keep a level headed look through all the feedback.

Keep the content coming: Same old will be dead in no time

Regardless of how popular and successful some particular content may have been, you can not rely on that alone forever. Sure, it can give you an idea keep adding similar things and expect similar success. But you need to add them anyway. Keep updating your app, and keep adding new content while improving the already existing ones.

guide to app ownership happy user
It is a common theme to see in our guide to app ownership: keep the users happy to keep them coming. Content side of things is no different. Offer them more of what they like, what they came for, and they will keep coming!

As hinted in the above paragraph, there are two main ways for showing your users a good active pulse:

  • Publish updates for your app in app stores
  • Add new content into app and/or update your existing content

Both will get your users interested in checking it out more and more, increasing user engagement and retention.

Get the word out there: Marketing should never end

Do not think that because you have completed a nice marketing campaign means you are done. Sure, you may have gotten lots of users, nice. But you will lose some of them with time, and frankly, you don’t win in business with “I’ve made a decent bit” line of thinking.

Truth is, there are always more people to introduce to the app. The world of mobile apps, as you probably know, is huge at this point. This cuts both ways of course… number of potential users are incredible, but so is the competitiveness!

Thus, you will need to be visible to your target audience at all times. People may be looking for a reason to leave one of your competitor apps for example. Use the information you have gathered with all the analytics, statistics, and feedback to craft the right publicity campaign for the best results.

Guide to app ownership: in summary

As you may have seen thus far, to keep your app alive, you need to keep at it! And by “it” we mean analyzing all the data you can gather from analytics tools and user feedback, using them craft new content, new updates and features, and finally new marketing efforts. Getting an app to become successful is one thing, and a big one at that. But to keep it there, you will need to keep effort into it.

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