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How to earn money with AdMob Ads?

When it comes to making money with your mobile apps, you have plenty of options. The king of in-app-advertising is without a doubt, AdMob. This article is all about how to earn money with AdMob ads.

Admob revenue per impression

AdMob is one of the methods that mobile app owners use to earn money recently. AdMob enables you to earn money by showing ads in an app. AdMob, a Google production, creates an opportunity to earn money from both Android and iOS platforms.

The more the ad you created by using AdMob gets the attraction, the more you can earn income. So, how AdMob is used and how it enables you to earn income?


What is AdMob?

AdMob is a performance-based marketing product that was developed by Google, and it helps you to earn income by publishing banners and video ads. AdMob platform gives the opportunity to earn additional income for the ones who commercialize their mobile apps in Android and iOS app stores.

Moreover, because these advertisements are responsive, their size can automatically be set according to the screen sizes of the mobile devices that prohibit the user experience to be affected negatively.

App-Filtering Option

With AdMob, everything is under app owner’s control. Therefore, with specific filters, you can determine the advertisement categories that you will use. Also, you can decide when and where the ad will appear. For example, among the general categories, you can filter out categories such as real estate or vehicles that are not related to your app. This way, your user won’t be distracted by other categories.

How much can you earn from AdMob ads?

There is no one answer to that question. It is possible to make assumptions according to some factors. The income earned from AdMob will be parallel to the data such as app’s grading, the downloading rate in Google Play and App Store.  The time users spent on the app is also a crucial factor. For more read: Make Money With Mobile Apps

Therefore, increasing positive comments and feedback for your app would attract more potential users and Google. This way, with the increasing app download rate, you can increase your income.

There is more than one way to earn money from a mobile app. AdMob is a useful platform that helps you to earn income with ad showing. Thanks to that important platform which is suitable for any app, it is effortless to show most attractive ads such as banner and video ads in the mobile app.

You can easily make money from your mobile app with AdMob. In Admob revenue per impression, if you still do not have your own mobile app, you can develop a mobile app in minutes via MobiRoller without any knowledge of coding. Create your own MobiRoller account and meet with mobile users as soon as possible.