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How To Grow Your App And Increase Its User Count

How To Grow Your App And Increase Its User Count?


Today we can see companies of just about all industries having their mobile apps. Whatever field of work they may be in, companies are taking their places in the mobile world by developing their apps, so they can reach their customers easier and provide them services faster.

So, after creating a useful mobile app, do you reach to the end of what you can do? Absolutely no, in fact, the crucial part starts right at that point. You can always move your app further ahead thanks to growth and user count increasing strategies known in mobile app world as “growth hacking.” Here are some tips you can use for introducing your app to larger amounts of users.

How to grow your app user count?

Free offers

You can make use of offers for free stuff to earn new users for your app. If you have a free app, you can provide some of the paid features of the app for free for the duration of your offer, and may, in turn, get new users thanks to this offer. For example, in a racing game, you may have some unique racing tracks that are usually payware, but you may offer these freely as part of your offer. Learn how to create an app in 3 easy steps

App store optimization

App store optimization (ASO) is highly important for mobile apps. Mainly the content featured on app stores like app descriptions, and star ratings, comments, and other such evaluations, have a large impact on downloading rates of an app. Keywords you can use in your app’s description text which are effective, targeted correctly, and relevant to your app, can help you with increasing your app’s downloading rates.

Support from bloggers

You can contact bloggers who are writing content that might be relevant to your industry, and have a large base of followers, and may ask them to write critics on your app. Every positive write up and recommendation may help with your app reaching to more people.

Power of the social media

Social media is leading to the promotional tools regarding your firm and your app. Using social media channels actually may prove useful. Offers, discounts, and similar opportunities may be instantly communicated to your followers with the help of social media platforms, where you can create automatic notifications and may earn more users to your app.


Researching demographics of your app’s target audience, and doing a localization work suited to them can be a logical approach. It is beneficial to ensure the app’s language is the same as the one spoken by the majority of the target audience. Adding different language options to the app while localizing may be useful for increasing the amount of users you have.

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