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mobile apps for e-commerce

Mobile apps for e-commerce: The leading platform!

In the age of tecnology connecting us all over the globe, being a reatiler of products or services is more exciting than ever. Thanks to e-commerce, you can get your wares to anyone, anywhere, and know that you will be discoverable. Similarly, operating an e-commerce venue for others can be just as lucrative. Nowadays, as with almost everything, mobile apps for e-commerce are the leading platform in the industry.

M-Commerce: an ever upwards trend

Whether you find it surprising or not, surveys throughout the years have been showing that mobile apps for e commerce is taking an ever greater share of all e commerce. Already in 2018, mobile e commerce was 67 percent of all e commerce that year. Here is a link to this survey on m commerce percentage in all shopping, as shared by Statista.

There is not much of a suprise here. Consider the fact that our phones almost always within our reach, it becomes clear what is the most covenient shopping medium. Even the least tech savvy among us have learned to use mobile apps quite effectively to handle their needs. The same can not be said about computers, especially considering the older users.

The role of mobile in e commerce will only get greater, and your investment in it today, will pay dividends. Both instantly, and with ever increasing amounts in the future.

A real threat: falling behind the times

Having a good mobile shop is already a reason for users to prefer an enterprise over competitors. Following the upwards trend we have spoken about above, this will only become a more and more serious consideration every day.

mobile apps for e commerce and everything!
Nowadays pretty much everybody uses smartphone apps for, well… pretty much everything. It is always with us, it is secure, and it is convenient. E commerce is similarly favoring this platform heavily, and statistics validate this.

Customers like convenience, and retail is always competitive. Even when you are doing everything else as good as your rival, or even better, being able to use a mobile store can be the deciding factor for many customers. And once they get used to shopping from them instead of you, it will get progressively harder to win them back.

We can even say that this is another one of those critical, historical times. One of those where falling behind the trends can lead into getting left out of your industry.

Mobile apps for e-commerce will give you some super powers!

Why you should get a mobile e commerce app goes beyond that it being just trendy. Mobile apps grant you unique powers and knowledge to help you improve your business!

mobile apps for e-commerce
Mobile apps for e-commerce will not only provide you with a worldwide shop that is convenient for customers, but they will also grant you superpowers! Lots and lots of useful data about your business’ performance and it’s customers’ behaviors is just one of them!

To count a few of them:

  • Mobile loyalty programs are quickly overtaking the old fashioned ones, and can help you greatly with better customer retention.
  • Analytics and attribution provides invaluable insight about your business. See what works, and how well, as well as what doesn’t. Identify your audience and learn about their behaviors to shape your marketing and products.
  • Push notifications, together with analytics and loyalty programs, can let you retarget the right customer, at the right time, with the right offer.
  • Between possibilities like chat, contact forms, and push notifications, you can facilitate great customer engagement, making them feel special.

These capabilities make mobile apps for e-commerce a great choice that can take your business to next level.

How to get mobile apps for e-commerce, how much would it cost?

As with most things, there are multiple ways to go about it. We already have some articles on how to get an app, and how much does it cost to make an app. You can see them if your are insterested in more details about the subjects. To spare you about half a book chapter of info though, let’s take shorter look here too:

Mainly, there is are a few hard, and one easy way to make an app. Similarly, there are expensive, and affordable ways. Thankfully, easy and affordable tends to intersect in this case, but unlike the old adage, you do not really need to pick two from cheap, fast, good.

The harder approaches would be to create your apps (or have them created for you) with the old fashioned way: coding. This can provide the most flexibility in features, bu takes considerable time, money, and can be error prone.

The easier approach is the use app builders. They provide you app building blocks that are fast, stable, good looking. They are also the most affordable option for most types of apps, including e-commerce. And for those kinds of apps, again, including e-commerce, they are more than flexible enough! Moreover, adding new features in a custom developed app can cost lots of additional development and testing time, and still potential ooppsies that may annoy cuustomers. With app builder platforms it is just a few clicks. Yes, clicks, because the best of all, is that no amount of coding is required. These platforms enable everyone to create quality apps without the need of being a coding guru or technically inclined at all.

You can start making your mobile apps for e-commerce right now!

M-commerce features are among the sharpest focus of MobiRoller’s app builder tools you can benefit from. In addition, the platform can also provide with other useful tools. For example push notification messages, analytics, in-app purchases, many content or communication related modules, and more.

The best part is, it is free to register and start making progress! The packages you would need for e-commerce mobile apps are some of the most competitively priced in the industry as well.

Create your free account now, and start enjoying a business boom with your e-commerce mobile app!