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mobile loyalty programs

Mobile loyalty programs: how to and how not to do it!

Loyalty cards with stamps and such are cute I suppose. But their time is a bit behind by now. If you can move your loyalty program to the world of mobile apps though, you’ll both catch up with times, and also make it less costly. How to do it right though? Everything has pitfalls, and this is no exception. Let’s have a look at mobile loyalty programs: how to and how not to do it.

QR Codes: make use of them!

With loyalty cards you either stamped or punched the cards to keep track of your customers visits. With apps there are multiple ways you can do it, QR codes being one of them.

Getting loyalty tracking off the cards, and in to apps is convenient for both the user and the business. Aside from convenience, they can also help with gaining information on a customer’s behavior.

Benefits: Make them accessible

mobile loyalty programs happy shopper
Make benefits accessible. Remember, the point is to make customers feel special and happy. A customer who is happy with you is a lot more likely to buy a lot more from you!

Providing benefits for a customer’s loyalty is the reason you run the program. But it is an act of balance to set how long would it take for them to get said benefits. If you implement it so that they will get a free cup of coffee for every 50 cups they buy, chances are they will forget your loyalty program even exists. Or worse, that they will not care that it exists.

The point of loyalty programs is to keep customers engaged, and to make them feel special. We are not saying you should go out of your way and do constant free handouts. But do make sure that the journey to achieve a reward is not very long, and is at least in line with its value.

Getting rewards is what keeps customers engaged when using loyalty programs, and mobile loyalty programs is no exception for this rule.

Let analytics be your guide!

The path that leads to triumph is through knowledge! This is the same in anything you do, so mobile loyalty programs is no exception.

mobile app analytics mobile loyalty programs
Knowledge is power! As with everything, mobile loyalty programs benefit hugely from following analytics carefully.

Measure what rewards do well with users, and get them to spend more time in your business. Analyze their behavior to design your mobile loyalty programs to be the best they can possibly be.

Using the right tools you’ll be able to tell if yout mobile loyalty programs are working as you like. Moreover, you can also get some ideas for making them work even better in future versions!

Personalization: Make customers feel special

People love personalized campaigns. They like getting the offers for what they really want, they like feeling special. This is another place knowing your user audience comes into play. Personalized campaigns feel cozy. They will not make the customer feel like just another target for just another random marketing effort.

Begin your mobile loyalty programs now!

Benefits are obvious, but where do you start? How do you get an app in the first place? What are the costs?

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