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Create a mobile app without coding now!

There are many reasons for wanting your own app. You may want to do e commerce, or run a community, or might be a content creator/influencer. Either way, you want to leverage the power of mobile apps. Indeed, we all use lots of mobile apps, and use them a lot. Their popularity and influence just keep rising year after year. However, creating an app still remains a mysterious process for many people without lots of technical skills and knowledge. Thankfully, nowadays it is perfectly possible to create a mobile app without coding or other software development wizardry. We want to walk through the process of how in this article. Let’s find out together how to make your mobile app with no coding involved.

What is a mobile app, technically speaking?

Mobile app is a program created to run in native mode on the device it was made for. That is, as opposed to a mobile web page, which is a web document running inside a browser. This native mode allows apps to access the most important and unique features of smart devices as platforms. This is especially true from an app owner’s perspective.

Historically, the issue with native apps has been that they would need to be created via code by software developers/designers. These could be either expensive, or time consuming processes, often both. Moreover, depending on the underlying framework, you could end up having to do it twice. Once for Android, and once for iOS. More on that later though.
To summarize a few of the key advantages of an app vs a mobile web experience, with an app you offer/enjoy:

  • Much better user experience, better user retention and engagement
  • Data sources/information like analytics/statistics/attribution

All thanks to features that apps offer like access to location services, push notifications, and better performance etc. Throughout most of the early days though, making apps was some sort of arcane knowledge. People either didn’t have, or didn’t know the way to create a mobile app without coding. Thus, mobile web pages remained a popular option for a while, depending on the purpose.

create a mobile app without coding mobiroller - mobile app vs mobile web site

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Steps for creating an app: How is an app born?

Before you even start creating apps

Historically, creating a mobile app was a bit of a process. Since the days when people could create a mobile app without coding were not yet upon us, you either had to be a programmer, or work with external programmers/internal departments. As in many other things, having to work with a middleman brought about its set of potential issues.

Before coming up with a working, desirable app, there is some homework to do: design of look and feel, UI/UX, the list of features and how will they work, the engagement plan to keep your users interested and invested etc.

Actually making the apps

Then, of course, comes the part where you eventually create your app. As we have said, using native libraries for Android and iOS separately has usually been the default for a long time, for a lot of people. It often involves working with two separate coding specialists, and getting things lost in communication with one of them is often more than enough of a headache!

Later on, cross-platform frameworks allowed you to develop the app once, and have it built for each platform from a single code base. At first these had their own issues, but in time many of these libraries such as Xamarin have matured, and newer ones like flutter are simply born better!

Still, even with these libraries, unless you are a developer yourself, you are stuck with a middleman between your mobile entrepreneurship dreams and their realization. Also, the potential for being time consuming and/or expensive remains mostly the same even with these libraries.

Enter the app maker platforms: Finally you can create a mobile app without coding

At some point towards the mid 2010s, a liberating new way of app making started to appear. App maker platforms made it possible for people with an idea to just make it into a reality with some clicks through a visual UI. Just like web platforms like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace etc have allowed people to create high quality websites without having to work with specialist web developers. App builder platforms like MobiRoller let peope jump through the hoops of design and implementation. This way, they focus on functionality and promotion/content side of things. These are the sides that actually matter the most for the success of an app. Thus, the mobile user becomes the mobile app maker, who can create a mobile app without coding just fine.

What are the advantages of app builders other than they let you create a mobile app without coding?

An app builder like MobiRoller comes with high quality building blocks you can tie together into a modern engaging app. Built by specialists in design, coding, and app trends, they will have many of the arcane stuff covered for you already. Like UI/UX, and software development etc. What remains for you is to choose the right modules/features for your app’s purpose. Then, you provide the content to fill them with.

This approach is advantageous in multiple ways:

  • It lets anyone to build an app, no technical skills required
  • You create your app without coding, totally visually. You see the design, and know what you will get.
  • No need to study mobile app design trends, or learn mastery of UI/UX. Designs and templates are prepared by skillful people who already did that for you.
  • Likewise, modules and features are stable, well performing, and follow the trends in mobile technology and users’ preferences, being designed and coded by skilled specialists.
  • You create your app once, and then you can build its distribution package files (APK and IPA for Android and iOS respectively) to publish it on both platforms.
  • Content updates can be seamless and instant
  • Version updates are also a lot less of a problem than custom development
create a mobile app without coding
A good app builder platform like MobiRoller can help you create a mobile app without coding, so you can focus on actually keeping the app full of proper content, and have it promoted correctly.

What kind of apps can I create without coding using this platform?

Well practically almost anything. Apart from apps that may require an underlying specific business logic layer, or games, our platform can create just about any app you can imagine. There are a few categories where we offer some specialized tools though. Content creator/influencer/YouTuber apps for example, or you can create great e-commerce apps without coding.

Create a mobile app without coding using MobiRoller now!

As you may have seen, MobiRoller is a great platform for turning your mobile app dreams into reality. Moreover, it lets you do so without needing to have technical skills, or work with people who possess such skills. You can join a list of successful mobile entrepreneurs using our platform to create their apps without coding. They enjoy the ever-increasing benefits of the mobile world, and so should you!
The best part is, it is free to make basic apps and to get yourself familiarized with the system. Why not register now with a free account, and create a mobile app without coding now?