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most affordable way to create an app

What is the Most Affordable Way to Create an App in 2020

Do you want to have your own app? Well since you are here, you probably do. And you definitely should! Apps are the newest of the new media. It is where the audiences are, from any age, any walk of life. Thus it is not surprising for anyone who wants to address a large audience to want an app for themselves. However, this can also be a stranger world, especially for non-technically inclined among us. Having an app made can be expensive, learning and doing it by yourself can cost even more! How do you get an app? What is the most affordable way to create an app? Let us see…

The Journey of Digital Media: from Development to Creation

All the digital venues experienced this process of evolution: they start as specialized platforms that require software development to be realized. But then, the underlying development process becomes abstracted beneath a more accessible DIY approach. This has been with desktop publishing in decades before the internet. Then, the websites followed the suit. At first, getting a website involved a development process that was not within everyone’s skillset. For many years though, thanks to systems like WordPress, Wix, etc, anyone can create their own websites with a what you see is what you get designer.

This had a liberating effect on web content in two ways:

  • It became much more affordable and quicker to get yourself a web presence.
  • You can put effort into where it matters: to design and create content for your page, rather than developing lines of code for it.

Nowadays, the same is possible for mobile apps too! For some years now, the revolution of app builder platforms liberated influencers and mobile entrepreneurs, giving them the ability to create apps on their own.

most affordable way to create an app is the easiest one
What is the most affordable way to create an app? It is the one that takes away burdens like design, coding, testing, etc. It is the one that saves that energy, so you can focus them on creating content, or furthering your business!

Now, for some types of apps, you tend to still need custom development. But these tend to be for fairly specific niches. Truth is, app builder technologies are including the ability to create even most of those niches with their continual improvements.

What Technology to Choose for Creating an App?

As we have said above, this entirely depends on what kind of app do you want to create. If you are going to create a game, well yeah, you will need to do some coding and artwork, probably using one of the popular engines like Unreal or Unity. Likewise, for a photography-related app, you will have to look at custom development.

Regardless though, the technology you choose to use for creating the app has a huge effect in answering “what is the most affordable way to create an app”.

But, for the remaining 90 percent of apps, app builders go you covered! Though even then, there is the question of do you need a native mobile app or PWA, thankfully we an article on that ;). Long in short though, ideally you’d have advantages of them both.

Let’s say, you want to make money with a mobile enterprise, or use the power of the mobile apps to boost your business. Or perhaps you are looking for building customer loyalty? There are app builders specialize in business apps and e-commerce, including MobiRoller. If you are more into customizable looks, there are app makers focusing on that too. Are you a content creator, or do you run a community? Some app builder platforms specialize in those! (Hint: MobiRoller ticks those boxes too ;))

most affordable way to create an app for e commerce
E-commerce and mobile shopping are the rising stars of the business world. All business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs should be able to afford an app! Thus, we provide the most affordable way to create an app!

Or perhaps, you are thinking of creating many different apps? Well then look for an all-rounder platform, or suffer the perils of coding :). Some may even choose to be a reseller for app makers that provide the ability to create a wide range of apps. In this case, look for the app makers that offer such a reseller program.

What About the Quality Though? Can I Have Both Low Cost and High Quality at the Same Time?

Well yes, you actually can! Design trends are both important and volatile in the world of mobile apps. A simple yet elegant design that works great is essential for a successful app. Thankfully, most of the good app builders offer a wide range of design templates that are modern and pretty. Furthermore, some of them provide the capability of further customizing design features like colors and fonts. When you think you need more, some (like we do in MobiRoller) offer additional custom design services too, handled by professional designers.

The other face in the coin of app quality is, in the code infrastructure. Needless to say, this is at least as important. Does it work reliably, is it bug-free, does it perform quickly? A platform like MobiRoller takes care of this by default too. The many modules you can use in your apps are tailored to the needs of app creators. They are stable, well-developed, and are updated constantly.

So yes, a good app builder platform will let you have an app affordably, quickly, and still in high quality. That is the point after all, if customers can’t use a platform to create high quality, professional apps why should they choose to use such a service? At least that is how we see things here in MobiRoller.

So What is the Most Affordable Way to Create an App in 2020? Well, We Are! 🙂

MobiRoller does not only provide all the features an aspiring app owner needs, but we also provide them in the most affordable manner to you. First off, depending on your needs, you may actually be able to just use the free package forever and have Android apps for free! If you require some of our more advanced modules or looking for making some money, our offers are quite scalable and affordable.
Some of the features you can look forward to enjoying are:

  • RSS integration, content modules with text, image, and video embedding support.
  • Fully integrated YouTube channel experience in your app
  • E-commerce features
  • In-app sales
  • Push notifications
  • Instant content updates
  • Forms
  • Membership management
most affordable way to create an app over worked
Pictured: the person who tries to design, code, and create their app, while also doing their actual work. Don’t be this person, stress is expensive and bad for you! 🙂

So Where and How Does One Start?

Well, here would a good place actually! With our platform, you will be able to create your own apps in minutes, without a single line of code. Not only are we the most affordable way to create an app in 2020, but we are also completely free to try, for as long as you like!

Create your free account now and start enjoying the benefits of the mobile world.