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Important Points For Success Of Mobile Apps

2 Important Points For Success Of Mobile Apps Which Experience Problems With Promotion

Mobile apps, as one of the most important elements of digital era, can raise the chart of success to expected level when they are designed according to some strategies. When they are not designed however, they may end up not meeting the expectations of companies. Difference here, appear with marketing strategies, beyond the quality and benefits of the app that was developed.

The fact that there are a large amount of companies and people developing apps naturally brings the industry on a ground of tough competition. When you think that there are more than a million of apps on Google Play Store, it becomes apparent that the marketing of these apps is a matter as serious as their development.  Especially for the apps which may not be interesting for just everyone, and for which it is hard to do a promotion campaign, it becomes even more important to take some steps for making them rise above other apps to reach thousands of users, and to ensure their sustainability.

So which marketing strategies may help with apps that are difficult to promote?

Things to do before releasing the app into market

Entrepreneurs who start marketing efforts before releasing the app for the users, gain the chance to be a step ahead of their competition. Creating an interesting landing page for the app carries great importance. Landing page, makes it easier for you to place your app in correct positioning in user’s mind. On this landing page, visual documents tailored for the app’s target audience, and video ads that will draw attention both go a long way for creating a positive first impression. However, the trick is in only giving hints with all these marketing efforts, but not describing the app in its entirety, so hype and a sense of wonder will be generated in audience.

In addition to this, creating a membership form before releasing the app to users also becomes important in this period. This way, you can make these mobile users, who will be among the first to experience you app, feel special. Said users will be your volunteer brand ambassadors, and they can aid your app’s promotion by sharing their experiences about your app with their social circles.

Social media integration to be made before releasing the app, when considered together with landing page, climbing up the stairs of success becomes a possibility. Conveying the press release before the launch to as many media portals as possible goes a long way. In these promotions, emphasising the “what the app would be used for” is more effective than “what is this app”.

Importance of communication with users

Google has published interesting results from one of their latest surveys on why users remove an app from their devices. According to this survey, foremost causes are stated as loss of interest in the app, and forming of opinions about the app not providing any benefit to user.

Lesson for app developers to take away from these highly subjective approaches appear as that it’s necessary to keep the communication with the users active and up to date. Forming a beta test group before releasing the app is recommended as a highly useful way to achieve this. This way, developers get into contact with the users, and they can both analyze their desires and get a chance to make improvements to the app. Beta users, who may feel themselves as VIP users, can provide great contributions as volunteer brand ambassadors.

In whatever category they may belong, forming marketing efforts according to correct strategies carry great importance for the success of mobile apps. Besides this, it is also good to have an app that has the tools to earn satisfaction of the mobile users. If you want to have your own mobile app in a few minutes too, create your MobiRoller account right away.

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